• BenchEzy

    Generate benchtop machining code in seconds

    • User-definable menus & default sizes
    • Integrates seamlessly with Alphacam
    • Minimises errors
    • Suits all machine types
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  • CabEzy

    Multi-user job tracking & scheduling manager

    • All job info digitised & in one place
    • Store multimedia job data
    • Minimise material waste
    • Improve cash flow
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  • CodeEzy and LoadEzy

    Automatic file manipulation & renaming software

    • Simplify & clarify file names
    • Enhancements for Planit software
    • Auto-create client/job folders
    • Multiple machine output
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Cabinetmaking software

Hutto Pty Ltd is addressing – and alleviating challenges that have been developing for a couple of decades.

Firstly, while cabinetmaking is an increasingly demanding industry, the availability of skilled tradespeople is narrowing. And with manufacturing heading offshore in droves, it’s becoming ever harder to justify the rising costs of materials and labour in the Australian marketplace. Software distributed in Australia by Planit Cutting Edge Solutions (Cabinet Vision, Cabnetware, Alphacam and Screen-to-Machine) revolutionised the way cabinetmaking processes were handled.

Sandy Hutton, a veteran cabinetmaker with more than forty years’ experience and one of Australia’s nesting pioneers from as early as 2002 identified aspects of Planit’s software that could be enhanced. The result is the Hutto suite of software; four astonishingly easy-to-use software products that increase efficiencies and reduce material waste, man hours and the need for a large and costly workforce of skilled tradespeople.

By utilising software from Hutto in your business, you will gain an edge over your competitors and realise valuable cost-savings in a very short period of time.

At Hutto, we feel that anything that succeeds in keeping Australian manufacturing in good order – especially without the need for sacrifice on the part of manufacturers – is worth its weight in gold.

Client testimonial

Having used a number of different CAD drawing programs, I can safely say that Bench Ezy would be my favourite to use for Top cutting applications. Even from the first set of tops we ran with Bench Ezy I recall how quick it was compared to our previous system, not to mention that anyone could really use it, with some quick training.

The name “Bench Ezy” is a bit of a trick really, I remember reading it and thinking “how easy do you want to make it”, the great thing is though that they have really made it so simple!

With the quality back-up service we have seen, we will not be able to look past Bench Ezy when we upgrade next!”

Brent Charles, Cabinetmaker / Designer, Jeffco Joinery and Hardware

Here at CCW Cabinet Works, having six drawing office staff supplying jobs to two different flatbed routers presented a challenge. We used to manually upload all of our machine code, but looking after this necessary process manually meant that time was being wasted not only in our drawing office, but also in the machining section of our factory.

Thankfully, the installation of CodeEzy has made the uploading of machine code a very simple and seamless process. The fact that CodeEzy starts automatically once S2M Center has generated the machine code means that our CAD operators are now able to easily generate and upload code for both of our routers without worrying about the naming and placement of the code files. We are even able to replace code files when there are late changes – CodeEzy handles the lot.

On the routers themselves, LoadEzy looks after the loading of job worklists and patterns with great efficiency. Having the operator select the required work order from a list of available work orders means that there are no more material mix-ups, and our machines spend much more time actually cutting.

All in all, using LoadEzy and CodeEzy saves us time, and prevents mistakes on each and every job we do, both in our drawing office and in the factory.”

Danny Mildren, Project Mangement Planner, CCW Cabinet Works

Code Ezy has saved our Production office over 15 minutes a Plan! This equates of hours saved on Projects, giving time back to our Production Team to focus on high value activities for which the business needs.
Once our team has optimised their plan,  Code Ezy seamlessly and automatically transfers the data required for processing into the designated server folder which is selected by our Manufacturing facility when ready to process.

Load Ezy lets our machine operators process more product with less time being wasted looking for files. Thanks to the link with Code Ezy, Load Ezy brings the required files straight into the worklist of the machine ready for processing and labelling. One great feature of Load Ezy is that nullifies duplication of panels machined due to its ‘marking off’ of works completed. This allows our manufacturing team to reschedule the machining program at any time.

Brenton Knudsen, National Business Development Manager, Bradco Joinery

After-sales support

Trust us when we say that users of Hutto’s software spend less than a day mastering the product. Nonetheless, we are always happy to be of assistance when questions arise.

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