About Us

Hutto Pty Ltd was a natural progression for veteran cabinetmaker Sandy Hutton who began in the trade after leaving school. In 2002, Sandy purchased Central Coast Cabinetmakers, the business he had managed for 11 years. Upon taking over, his priority was to bring the firm into the twenty-first century and the best way to do that was to invest in technology and innovation. Nesting was his first major discovery and he was one of the process’s earliest advocates. He has continually aimed to determine how to minimise costs and improve efficiencies for greater productivity.

Today, CCCM is a thriving business which once employed twenty-two staff and has been able to reduce its workforce to just twelve as a direct result of automation. Fewer skilled personnel are required due to efficiencies achieved through software and CNC machines, which is the nesting process.

As manufacturing moves forward, quality tradesmen are becoming an increasingly rare breed, according to Sandy. Particularly in CCCM’s case, being located in a mining community means workers are often transient as they wait for a mining job to become available.

In an effort to continue to squeeze more efficiencies from his business Sandy thought further outside the square and more savings and efficiencies were identified by value-adding to the nesting software already in use. Initially written for internal use only, Hutto Pty Ltd was born. Hutto’s software makes it easier to save money and increase productivity and to compensate for the lack of qualified trades within the industry. In fact, it means that school leavers can be gainfully employed with minimal training.

Additionally, older workers such as those who might be unfamiliar with Windows software may be overlooked for many roles. Thanks to Hutto, the mature employee can potentially walk straight into a job and be productive in a short space of time.

Reducing costs means manufacturing enjoys a reprieve from the perilous landscape of overseas outsourcing. Instead of sending cabinetmaking offshore to nations such as China or Indonesia, any way that it can be retained in Australia is an opportunity to be embraced and celebrated.

  • Enhanced profitability/productivity
  • Draw from a wider pool of human resources
  • Retain Australian manufacturing

How Hutto’s software will benefit your business

  • Lower costs
  • Minimised errors
  • Enhanced profitability/productivity
  • Draw from a wider pool of human resources
  • Retain Australian manufacturing

Sandy Hutton, Developer

Hutto’s software developer is Sandy Hutton, a veteran of forty years in the cabinetmaking industry. He was one of Australia’s nesting pioneers from as far back as 2002 when many in the industry didn’t believe it would work. Happily, however it did, and Central Coast Cabinetmakers’ clients have benefited from Sandy’s particular level of expertise and experience for many years.

Sandy acknowledges the fact that the Hutto software would not be possible – or necessary – if it weren’t for the existence of software staples Cabinet Vision, Cabnetware, Alphacam and Screen-to-Machine. Distributed in Australia by Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, the packages have become must-have tools for the cabinetmaking industry. What Hutto’s software does is add exciting value to what the Planit products can do.

Back in 2004, Planit Cutting Edge Solutions were so impressed with Sandy’s exceptional knowledge of nesting and the use of their software suites that they invited him to train other cabinetmakers in their use. The same year, he was also invited by Planit Cutting Edge Solutions to travel to the U.S. to evaluate the suitability of new management software to the Australian cabinetmaking industry.

Here on home turf, at the helm of Central Coast Cabinetmakers, Sandy is fiercely proud of his reputation and gladly imparts his wisdom whenever called upon. Over the years, machinery sales reps have brought their own customers to CCCM’s Rockhampton factory from as far away as Sydney to see the nesting machines and software in action. Sandy is renowned for looking after his machinery because, as he says: “Well, they look after me, so it’s only right.

The CCCM factory is anything but typical. It is the picture of organisation and well-managed functionality. Sandy believes that there is a right way and a wrong way to do anything and in his view, the right way is to provide a clean, safe environment that enables his workforce to feel valued, which naturally results in greater productivity

All of these values, combined with the sheer simplicity of the Hutto suite of cabinetmaking software, are testament to Sandy’s passion for improving the industry.