Job tracking

CabEzy’s simple drag-n-drop scheduling functionality makes it easy to track every step of progress in every job on your books. No more clipboards positioned throughout your premises, no need to consult different employees on what’s happening. It’s all there on the system, at everyone’s fingertips.

Store all documents within CabEzy including job photos, quote forms, quote acceptance, drawings and correspondence, all with time and date stamps.

Scheduling manager

CabEzy makes scheduling fail proof. Users input the data and then at-a-glance job information is available to any member of your workforce whenever required. That means if, for instance, a builder, customer, architect or plumber calls in asking for information on a job, anyone at your business can answer the phone, look up the job and instantly answer their questions.

  • Lock a scheduled date to prevent others from unwittingly prioritising other jobs.
  • Access job related documents from within the job form; see what materials have been ordered, arrived/not arrived.
  • The ability to purchase goods exactly as and when required assists with cash flow, storage and accessibility within your factory.
  • Set up all materials required according to supplier, tax rate, price and other data.
  • Generate a custom report for data entry into your accounting system, e.g. ‘cost of goods sold: laminate’, ‘cost of goods sold: board’, etc.
  • Multiple search functions.

Audit trail

CabEzy can effectively create an audit trail for your jobs. You can track every communication, identify most recent quotes and the latest drawings and prevent disputes that could prove costly. If issues arise on a construction site due to various trades erroneously using different versions of drawings, CabEzy can instantly prove which version is the latest by showing the exact time and date it was sent to each recipient.

Contact lists

Use CabEzy as your comprehensive rolodex. You can create contact lists that store contact information for the builder as well as the job-specific client. Store auxiliary information such as which jobs belong to which builders, the name of the person who does the accounts, which tradespeople they use and so on.

CabEzy can also work with your accounting software. Simply export the data in PDF form and your bookkeeper or data entry person can key in the information.

At every stage of every job, CabEzy will manage your jobs so that all information is kept in the one place, accessible to all.

  • Track every individual job from A to Z.
  • Identify job stages as they have concluded and as they approach.
  • Track in digital format – drawings, purchase orders, quotes and invoices.
  • Keep contact lists and relevant documentation of all involved in a job.
  • Store multimedia data for every job so that every item is in the one place.
  • Enhance cash flow by ordering materials exactly when required.
  • Prioritise jobs and lock in installation dates.
  • Generate reports for data entry into accounting software.

Your most efficient Project Manager ever, at your service

Once you’ve started using CabEzy in your cabinetmaking business, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Stop chasing paperwork around your factory and playing Chinese whispers with your workforce. With CabEzy, the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing and everything that anyone needs to know about every job is accessible at their fingertips.