BenchEzy Advanced Edition

Enjoy enhanced features with BenchEzy Advanced. This particular incarnation came about because a client requested the option of different join bolt patterns as well as bolt rotation functionality in male/female mason mitre joints.

  • Suppose you have set a default pattern, such as a diamond shape. Next, you’re processing a job for another client who has requested a different shape. You simply select a different bolt pattern, rotate by 10ᵒ (or whatever is required) and you’re ready to go.It truly takes only seconds and is just a matter of clicking a box in the software.
  • BenchEzy Advanced will provide Material Summary Reports including edge strip requirements.It will print labels for you to affix to materials and it will create more bench top types and unlimited join bolt patterns.
  • Advanced can also handle multiple machines so whatever the size of your cabinetmaking business or if you are a laminated postformed bench top manufacturer, BenchEzy Advanced is the workhorse you need to save time and money.It can also make possible the kinds of jobs that may have seemed too tricky.

Demonstration videos