CodeEzy & LoadEzy work in partnership

Any business that uses cabinetmaking machinery will benefit enormously from utilising CodeEzy and LoadEzy in their factory. The two work hand in hand to save time, increase efficiencies and make every job run far more smoothly.


CodeEzy is file manipulation software for the cabinetmaking industry that makes it infinitely easier for you and your workforce to identify specific files they need to access. It works seamlessly with Planit’s popular software solutions – Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware – and actually enhances their efficiency by renaming their output files.

The generic file names created by Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware can cause confusion for workers because when you’re working on so many similar projects with similar materials, everything can tend to look or seem the same. This can result in costly errors and material wastage.

CodeEzy renames files so they make sense

But that’s not all. Look how CodeEzy can simplify your cabinetmaking procedures.

  • If Planit’s Label-IT is in use, CodeEzy can create Label-IT label files for each material type, e.g. ‘16mm White’, ‘16mm Plain1’.
  • If your CNC machine can use a Worklist file then CodeEzy can create the required Worklist for each material to suit your machine.
  • Automatically create Client and Job storage folders.
  • CodeEzy can be used, with or without machine, Worklists or Planit’s Label-IT.
  • Handles Planit output for multiple machines.

At a glance, anyone can look at the folder names and know what job they are looking at. They can then look at the file names and know what they refer to. Because CodeEzy utilises a consistent naming convention of output, there is no need to spend time creating your own in-house code for what different files should be called. That also means that if you have multiple factories, every member of your workforce will always be on the same page.

CodeEzy can also generate a Material Summary Report to assist the Purchasing Department with material quantities.

CodeEzy will then copy all the files to your common storage area such as a network server or thumb drive for later use on your CNC machine. It can even copy the files to two different locations if required.

When files are being uploaded to your common storage area, CodeEzy also offers a file versioning system for job files such as drawings so that you can keep track of any changes that have been made along the way.

CodeEzy can also be used in conjunction with BenchEzy.

Demonstration video


You’ll no longer have to sift through hundreds or even thousands of files on a CNC machine to find what you’re looking for. Minimise waste by not cutting the wrong sheets, and keep everyone speaking the same language whether they’re in the office or on the factory floor. LoadEzy is a very simple interface. It employs naming conventions so that file names make sense to everyone and so that, visually, any file can easily be identified for what it is.

Only store what you’re working on

As you’ll be aware, machine operators often have literally thousands of files on their machines. With LoadEzy, machining jobs could not be easier; select the client, select the job, select the material to be cut and LoadEzy will load the required files to your machine from your common storage area. Tell LoadEzy what you have or have not machined and LoadEzy will recreate machine worklists to indicate what has and hasn’t yet been machined. It will then automatically clear the files from the machine once finalised. The only files that remain on your CNC machine will be what is actually current and in progress.

Data can be transferred via a network, USB drive or other means to your server, local desktop PC or external hard drive.


  • Saves your machine operator lots of time looking through hundreds of files.
  • Use file names that make sense, e.g. ‘16mm White – 001’, ‘16mm White – 002’
  • Helps to prevent using the wrong programs on wrong job or material.
  • Reduces confusion with machine code files.
  • If Planit’s Label-IT is in use LoadEzy will automatically start Label-IT with the current material already loaded ready to print labels.

Demonstration video

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